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"Devotion" Lathe-Cut split 7" Only a few left! (Ltd. 150 / Free Shipping)

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Image of "Devotion" Lathe-Cut split 7" Only a few left! (Ltd. 150 / Free Shipping)

Split Lathe-Cut 7" with Distractor on Burger Records. One side is their song "Devotion" and on the B-Side is Tracy's cover of "Devotion". Limited to only 150 on a sturdy lathe cut 7"!

Listen to the song here:


Information on Lathe-Cuts:

Please note that this lathe cut record was made one-at-a-time, by a real person from plexi-glass using an experimental process and 70 year old machines. It is not a pressed record and may have slightly more surface noise or an occasional light distortion in some frequencies and will sound somewhat different than the original master. The volume will also be a little lower than a modern "Post-loudness-war" record so pump up the volume. It won't be audiophile, but it ought to be listenable and sound pretty good considering the circumstances of its birth. It might also require tone-arm and anti-skate adjustment in order to track correctly due to hard plastic having slightly shallower grooves than a traditional record. If it sounds overly distorted, lift the needle and drop again or gently nudge the needle to the side. Occasionally, the needle gets caught on the side of the groove or in between the grooves. Do not use automatic start on your player: If the center hole is too tight for your spindle, gently use one arm of a pair of scissors to widen the hole. These records will NOT degrade or harm your needle or cartridge. These do not always play well on some low end turntables.